My Favorite Life Coaching Tips to Help You Deal with a Lack of Confidence

Do you think you suffer from a lack of self confidence? Maybe you sometimes feel like you don't have as much confidence as you'd like to? If you do you're not alone. Many people suffer from a lack of confidence. In this piece I'm going to give you some tips that I share with my life coaching clients that have helped them deal with a lack of self-confidence. I know they'll help you too when you use them.

Nothing to be Ashamed of

If you feel you lack self-confidence it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Unfortunately, it’s been a part of our society for a while now, making it a common problem. Here's a list of 8 simple and easy ways that my life coaching clients have been able to deal with their lack of confidence.

  1. Live in the moment.

    When you live in the moment you can focus on the now rather than focus on the past where you experienced your hurt and encountered your fears. You can then be unconcerned and hopeful about your future without the pressure of your past looming up behind you and making your confidence plummet once again. This mindfulness tool takes time to master as it can be hard to ignore the past making its way back into your mind.
  2. Develop awareness.

    When you’re aware, you can notice how you are acting during certain situations. That way, you’ll create space between your emotions and actions, helping you to respond to someone or something in a healthier way.
  3. Write in a journal.

    Many of our thoughts and feelings are stuck inside the subconscious part of our mind. By writing, we are able to release those thoughts. Once you’re done writing, look over what you wrote and try figuring out why you felt a specific way. We can also separate those negative thoughts we tend to have about ourselves from the truth behind who you actually are; a unique person whom can do whatever they set their mind to.
  4. Don’t be judgmental.

    When we approach our lives without judgment, we are able to accept ourselves, our experiences, failures, and successes. On top of that, we are more open to accepting others just as they are, whether they are good or bad.
  5. Stay connected to who you are.

    By doing this you are able to establish a connection with yourself and reduce possible people-pleasing habits. Don’t always think of other needs over your own. You are just as important as everyone else is; don’t forget that!
  6. Practice mindful meditation.

    Meditation allows you to let go off the negative thoughts that invade your mind on a daily basis. Don’t accept those damaging thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs as part of who you are. Take time out of each day to take a couple deep breaths and slowly feel the negativity leave your body and mind.
  7. Let it all go.

    Usually the things you have such low confidence about no one else notices. When you accomplish letting all of the negative thoughts leave your mind, you create a certain trust within yourself and choose what’s best for you.
  8. Show yourself some love.

    Everyone deserves compassion, whether it be from yourself or someone else. When you tell yourself how much you love you, you’ll gain a sense of strength, safety, and acceptance.

Th truth is that everyone has things they aren’t confident about, whether it be about themselves or a situation they aren’t comfortable in.

You're Unique

Each one of us is unique in our own way, but sometimes we forget that.

So before getting too down on yourself, remember who you are and remember that you are loved and supported by the people you carry close to your heart.

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