Right now I'd like to encourage you to do a bit of a self-diagnosis on your motivation levels. How has your motivation been over the past week or month or even over the last year? And I'm talking to you specifically as a business owner, as an entrepreneur, somebody who's really going for it and trying to build and create something that's exciting.

As you know, any goal like this that's big and requires months or usually years of your efforts, sustained effort, there are going to be some high points and exciting times and there are also going to be some low points, times where things don't go as expected or don't go as planned or you just personally are not connected to what you're doing.

Times when you're feeling demotivated. It's going to happen.

Feeling motivation all over again or re-motivating yourself, so to speak, doesn't necessarily just happen by default, unless you're one of these tiny percentage of people out there that are always motivated and on fire and passionate, the rest of us actually have to consciously do this.

We have to consciously make ourselves feel motivated all over again, and it's very, very important you know how to do this when you hit those low points, when you hit those roadblocks that can knock you off track.