PEOPLE WHO TAKE ACTION because they want to help themselves in one way or another often get results.

Sometimes it seems like the big "secret" behind successful self-help (if you can call it a secret!) is that YOU are a big part of the equation. You you take the knowledge you've gained and take action.

You might get the results you're looking for or discover how not to do something. This is why I'm a firm believer that self help does help.

Self Help Does Help

I often share this truth with my audience at seminars or during online events...Self-Help Does Help

Let's forget everyone else for now and focus on you. What do you believe? Do you believe self help does help? or maybe you think it's just a load of "baloney" and "airy fairy" B.S being touted by dubious types?

If you've ever in a challenging situation before (which I'm pretty sure you have) and you found your way out of it by taking certain actions that eventually set you free from the bondage of that challenge then you've experienced self help in action.

Self help takes place at the point in time when you do what you need to do to improve your situation in life. There's no event to large or small to qualify as "self help."

Self Help Does Help

Decided to get a grip on your finances and took steps to make things happen?

That's self help.

Decided to stop having reckless relationship that only kept bringing you heart-ache and did what you had to do even though it was tough at the time?

That's self help.

Started taking concrete steps to finally get that business idea of yours off the ground?

That's self help right there.

I'm sure you could give me more examples of where you did things to improve your condition personally or professionally. The mistake too many people make is in believing that when someone else gives them advice or recommendations that sound good but nothing happens...because they failed to take action on what they discovered, that they're still stuck because self help doesn't really work.

Not true.

What makes self help distinct is that YOU (: the "self" in self help) are to make things happen.

Self-Help Resources

Challenge the status quo in your life by starting to make real progress in the direction of your dreams. Below I'm sharing some of my resources I recommend that can help you. Many of them I've used and continue to use in my business and in my life to this day. Some I'm currently exploring because life is an ongoing learning process.

Some of them you may already be familiar with (which further proves that self help does help!). I'm rooting for you!

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