"When selecting and establishing any personal development
or self-improvement goal, the way you assess your chances of being successful
can be quite a significant motivating factor

Jim Stone, Ph.D. (Philosopher and Personal Productivity software developer)

Let's say for instance you decide you would like to give up drinking, smoking or another number of activities that could be deemed as unhealthy.

In a typical scenario you'd most likely think to yourself "If I drink, I've failed." However, when you open yourself up mentally to other ways to avoid drinking or smoking (as opposed to just a single failure scenario), you'll consider your success to be more likely to happen.

You might decide to jog or get on the treadmill instead of drinking. Or you could decide to reach out to someone close to you instead of drinking . You might decide to catch up on learning a new language instead of drinking. In effect you've now created a powerful scenario where there’s only a single way to fail and lot's of different ways for you to be successful.

What you've just done is harness the power of self-fulfilling prophecy and as a direct result your chances of success now seem to be stacked in your favor.

The Launchpad for a Positive New Habit

This exact mindset could form the launch of another positive habit. It could be that you start to exercise on a regular basis each day. Imagine failure as I won’t get 30 minutes of exercise today and then embrace the many favorable outcomes (I will walk for 30 minutes during my lunch time. I WILL ride my stationary bike for 30 minutes while I watch my favorite TV show or listen to my favorite podcast. Your odds of being successful will improve.

This is a great and highly effective way for you to encourage your mind to play tricks on you in a positive and good way.