A Successful Career Change Means Getting Uncomfortable

When it comes to change, most people would rather cling to "comfort" or what makes them comfortable.

"Studies show that what we consider to be comfortable can be counter productive."

Science has proven that when you step outside your comfort zone is where the most significant achievement occur.


If it weren't for taking uncertain steps out into a scary world, we’d still be living in caves, throwing rocks at dinosaurs and waiting around for someone to discover fire.

Thomas Edison would never have given us the light bulb, and you probably wouldn't know most of the things you know today. So, it’s understandable that thinking about changing careers can be a scary thing.

Here we explore why a successful career change means getting uncomfortable what you can do about it.

Most people just stay right where they are, because they’re frightened by the possibility of one thing.

Discover what your options are so you can make progress in life.