Are You Ready?

Are you ready to make the choice to change your behavior so you can unlock your potential is a big commitment. One thing I can tell you is that it’ll be worth the effort, however it’s smart to set up what I refer to as “built-in” motivation before you need it.

In this mini tutorial we’re looking at behavior change and 4 ways to keep yourself motivated to change your behavior, so you can reach your potential without unnecessary stress and frustration.

Highlights of Your 4 Action Steps

#1 Look back at what you’ve already accomplished

Take a moment to reflect on where you are today, you’ve accomplished more than you realize!

#2 Hang Around Like-Minded People

Look for support to help you achieve your goals.

Having the chance to hang out with others who have the same goal as you is an important way to learn new things and get support at the same time. It’s easy these days to find people with similar ambitions.

#3 Use a Sounding Board

Talking out when you feel you’re stuck because it can be a huge help for you. You're not looking for "advice" per se 0 you simply need to listen. Many times, just having someone to talk a problem out with can help you easily find the solution.

#4 Break Tasks Down into Smaller Pieces

Big goal = Scary thing.

Feel like you can’t deal with a particular action you need to take to move on? No problem. Break it down into several smaller pieces.


Action makes the difference and you can do this.

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